Float Like A Brick!

Woody, Trevor and Dr. Sexy have all returned to DDO. Being that I’m a little girl when it comes to peer pressure, I had no choice but to follow them. Because, hey, the COOL KIDS are doing it, and I want desperately to fit in! Of course if I knew the trouble I was going to have, I probably should have passed. Aw, who am I kidding, the trouble’s the best part!

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An Intellectual Pursuit…

Posted In AC1

May 28th, 2003 • No Comments

It starts off innocently enough:
“You’re not so smart! I could beat you at anything!”“Oh really? How about a nice game of chess?”“You’re on!…wait…is chess the one with the round things? Red and black?”
See, A’ and I were having a little “professional disagreement.” I felt that ….

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Okay, I’ll admit it, I’ve been out of the loop for a bit. But when exactly did they put in the patch that turned all the Banderling Guards into rejects from the Ziegfried and Roy show?
I mean, guys, really – purple leotards? Who made this ….

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Let’s just get one thing straight here: I can’t speak English correctly, and it’s my native tongue. In fact, I’d be so bold to say if it weren’t for the handy spell-check feature included in word processors, these little rants of mine would be about ….

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Girth & Beyond!

Posted In EB

May 19th, 2003 • Comments Off on Girth & Beyond!

So I’ve gotten a bit bored with most of the MOGs I’ve been playing lately. This usually results in me spending hours upon hours fighting evul Axis forces in BF1942 (and sometimes Opposition Forces!), but tonight I decided to try something a little different. A ….

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This Is A Sick Joke, Right?

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May 14th, 2003 • Comments Off on This Is A Sick Joke, Right?

Don’t get me wrong.
I like the game.
I absolutely ADORE my fellow players. Yes, YOU, you big snuffleumpagus! *HUG*
Okay, that’s getting a bit carried away. I certainly do like going and getting Quix good and drunk so I can take funny pics of him.
But…a LARP? ….

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…Failure to Communicate!

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May 9th, 2003 • No Comments

Okay, I’m going to upset a lot of people here, so brace yourselves…
ROLEPLAYERS ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF ME. (Not just the idiots that appealed Bottom, I mean.)
Okay, okay, not every roleplayer. You want to roleplay that you’re Duncan McDoofus of the Wanker line of wizardry, hey, ….

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This event has blown my mind.
I actually knew about the Shadow Worlds MANY moons ago – like back in the Sentinels and Advocates days. They existed back then. Sometimes one of the admins would get a little crazy and do something wacky like make everyone ….

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We’ve all met someone like him.
Sometimes he’s on your side, sometimes, the enemies. Doesn’t really matter. It’s annoying no matter WHOSE side he’s on.
He had nothing to do with you getting killed, was nowhere NEAR you when you got killed, didn’t even see you GET ….

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Shelters Are a GOOD Thing, It Would Seem…

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April 30th, 2003 • Comments Off on Shelters Are a GOOD Thing, It Would Seem…

Remember when everyone was saying that AC2 wasn’t going to have NPCs?
There was a reason for that, as it turns out. It seems that while the rest of us hid deep underground in safe, armored and magicked bunkers, the race of people that were to ….

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