This Is A Sick Joke, Right?


Don’t get me wrong.

I like the game.

I absolutely ADORE my fellow players. Yes, YOU, you big snuffleumpagus! *HUG*

Okay, that’s getting a bit carried away. I certainly do like going and getting Quix good and drunk so I can take funny pics of him.

But…a LARP? What the hell was someone thinking?

If by “Larp” you mean “sit around drinking, eating and telling outrageous stories about each other,” then by all means, sign my tubby ass up! However, if you’re implying that we, I dunno, dress up – in costumes – and pretend that we are our alter-egos from Asheron’s Call… What, you don’t have ENOUGH things to make fun of the fans from last year? You have to stoop to this – to inventing embarrassing scenes for us? Oh, the improv’s not bad enough, eh? Now we have to get even worse?

For those of you that don’t know, Larp is a “Live Action Role-Playing.” Basically, you dress up and behave like your character. It’s not an insane concept, in and of itself. I had some very good times playing a crazed Malkavian. But that involved a lot of riddles, mysteries – that sort of thing. Ask Mr. Pants about it sometime; I used to get involved in a lot of his Larps. And they were fun, because there were all sorts of puzzles and manipulations to think your way through.

Sorry, but AC is not that sort of game. I mean, come on, the greatest thinking you’ve ever had to do in AC involved remembering a sequence of levers to pull. Can you really imagine trying to turn AC into a game based on social skills? Think about your average denizen of the Marketplace. Would you really want to meet that ‘character’ somewhere where you weren’t allowed to hit them?

Riiiiiiight… I love Tim and all, but this guy dressed up like that when there was no incentive. Do you have any idea what he’s going to dress up as NOW? Good grief, won’t someone please think of the children? I mean, come on people. I am going to be so busy mocking I’ll barely have time to draw a breath here!

I talked about this with Wi. We decided that he’s going to dress up in a bunny suit with a taser – he’ll be Pookie. I’m just going to eat a ton of real garlicky pizza and run around as a mountain rat. Get a load of THIS breath weapon, puny human!

Wait, I know! I’m going to get a pair of elevator pumps, black tights and face paint and be Gene Simmons! Yeah, I know, he’s not in AC. But the Devs HAVE said that there are things nobody’s found yet! Think about it….