Float Like A Brick!

Woody, Trevor and Dr. Sexy have all returned to DDO. Being that I’m a little girl when it comes to peer pressure, I had no choice but to follow them. Because, hey, the COOL KIDS are doing it, and I want desperately to fit in! Of course if I knew the trouble I was going to have, I probably should have passed. Aw, who am I kidding, the trouble’s the best part!

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Couldn’t You Just Wear A Hat?

Posted In SWG

August 27th, 2003 • Comments Off on Couldn’t You Just Wear A Hat?

Let’s just get one thing straight here, okay? They’re not hair, they’re not a funky hat, they’re not even colorful scarves.
They’re tentacles. On your head.
And unless you’re sleeping in the sunken city of R’lyeh, that’s just wrong. Very, very wrong.
Look, I’m not one to tell ….

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Go Flux Yerself

Posted In JG

August 18th, 2003 • No Comments

Jumpgate is trying very hard to dislodge AC from my “Mostest Favoritest MOG Evah” slot. As if PuzzlePirates wasn’t enough.
The thing that really has me loving Jumpgate so much more than other space MOGs is the fact that you really do fly the ship. It’s ….

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So, Darktide.
It’s this place, right, where basically every other person’s mission is to make you miserable. And folks? When I say they are good at their job, I really mean it. Sincerely.
The great thing about playing on Darktide is that I’ve got 40% vitae, no-drop ….

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They Must Have Good Benefits…?

Posted In CoH-CoV

August 13th, 2003 • No Comments

I’ll tell you right now: I’ve worked with some stupid people.
I’m not bragging or anything; I’m just telling you that there are people, sometimes called co-workers, that are pretty stupid. They’d do things like stick floppy discs to their filing cabinets.
With magnets.
And then they’d call ….

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Love Thy Neighbor. With A Big Stick.

Posted In DAoC

August 8th, 2003 • No Comments

So there’s these occupiers. And they’re, you know, occupying the city. Avalon City, to be specific. The story goes that these guys moved in and killed the entire population or something. Or maybe they found it deserted. I don’t know, really. The fact is, they ….

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Where Do I Stand?

Posted In DAoC

August 6th, 2003 • No Comments

So everyone knows about the Line of Death, right?
No, I’m not talking about any geo-political boundaries or any of that nonsense. I mean that line that you do not, not even if there are a bazillion Mids charging up behind you, go past in the ….

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