Float Like A Brick!

Woody, Trevor and Dr. Sexy have all returned to DDO. Being that I’m a little girl when it comes to peer pressure, I had no choice but to follow them. Because, hey, the COOL KIDS are doing it, and I want desperately to fit in! Of course if I knew the trouble I was going to have, I probably should have passed. Aw, who am I kidding, the trouble’s the best part!

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Where Potholes Come From…

Posted In SWG

September 17th, 2003 • Comments Off on Where Potholes Come From…

You might as well just hand me my lightsaber right now.
Oh, I know, there’s supposed to be all these challenges, and you’ve got to go on these epic quests, blah blah blah. But let’s be honest here: did Luke Skywalker go on any epic quests? ….

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Helping Hands

Posted In DAoC

September 15th, 2003 • No Comments

I have such mixed emotions about people offering to help me.
Obviously, part of me loves it. But I have very real concerns that some people get involved in this thinking that it will be funny and giggles and hee-hee, lookit Pessum run! And then after ….

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Posted In DAoC

September 12th, 2003 • No Comments

So I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but some of us have made a tiny guild on Palomides. As Hibernians. Hibbies are a realm that I’ve never played extensively – well, hell, I haven’t even played Albions extensively. They’re just the realm I ….

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Yoda, I Am Not…

Posted In JG

September 5th, 2003 • No Comments

We all know I love Jumpgate.
I could go on and on about the combat missions, the squad vs. squad interactions, the truckers wings that I think are insane for cruising through a sector full of flux in a tow with roughly the maneuverability of my ….

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Speed Bump on Interstate DT…

Posted In AC1

September 3rd, 2003 • No Comments

Just a quick peek around. That’s all we were going to do, I swear.
See, it had been a LONG time since Isten and I ran around Darktide. In fact, when he, Warchild and I had first met and started running around, I didn’t even have ….

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Of Course I Can Solo That…

Posted In DAoC

September 1st, 2003 • Comments Off on Of Course I Can Solo That…

I just don’t believe in holding myself back for the rest of you cowards, is all.
Just because you want to whine and moan about, “Oh, it might bring friends if we attack it” or “Waaaah, it has an AoE attack” or even “That is a ….

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