Speed Bump on Interstate DT…

Just a quick peek around. That’s all we were going to do, I swear.

See, it had been a LONG time since Isten and I ran around Darktide. In fact, when he, Warchild and I had first met and started running around, I didn’t even have my uber Composite Bow. Yeah. THAT long ago.

So he hears me talking about how much fun I’ve been having running around there, and we decide it’d be fun if both of us run around. Then we’ll have SO much fun, Warchild will want to come back and throw plates at people. Great fun.

Given that on the best day my skills would be called ‘rusty,’ I figured we’d avoid the heavily populated areas and just check out some out-of-the way dungeons. Mountain Halls, maybe some Mossie action – you know, crazy stuff. I figured they’d be good spots to find some company. It wasn’t that we want to be killed over and over again or anything – we were just looking for a quiet, casual slaying that would allow us to snap off little jokes as we ran. You know, purely casual DT fun.

After a while of wandering around and not running into (or getting run over by) anyone, we decided on a new version of Darktide. In THIS version, we’d only have one life – the first person that died, lost! Doesn’t that sound fun – a new twist on Darktide? Yeah, I thought so too.

Up until Isten shot me in the back.

Okay, so the next game we played was the first person that died – not from either of us – lost! Which was definitely an improvement.

Up until those stupid damn Olthoi that are everywhere now chased me down and stabbed me in the face, the entire time ignoring Isten.

I don’t know, maybe it was his cologne or something. Myself, I would like to state clearly for the record that I firmly believe Isten willing to perform any acts to gain the confidence of the Olthoi and have them slaughter his friends. And yes, I do mean…any act. Tell the tabloids now while there’s still time, kiddos!

So now the final game we played was that the loser would be the first person to be killed by another player. Not die accidently, from the environment, or to a random monster!

And of course Isten had to cheat yet again.

He keeps trying to tell me that he didn’t summon the Bloods there, but that’s obviously a lie. I figured if we ran into anyone, there was a 50/50 shot at either of us being killed first. What I didn’t figure on was a horde of about 3 MILLION Bloods coming screaming over the hill. Screaming over the hill and completely ignoring Isten, I might add.

Oh, sure, he followed me to the Lifestone a few minutes later – but I’m pretty sure he was carrying some of the stuff I dropped when I died…

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