When AC Mad Scientists Go Bad…

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: I do not, do not, do NOT approve of malicious 3rd party apps. But with all this stink being thrown around about Vengeance, it reminded me of a very funny little application built by one of the #acdev vunderkids, Elph. It was a rather sophisticated little macro. A macro known as…


Now, the premise of this is not that writing a bot that goes around insulting people is funny. It is, in some ways, pretty clever. But the true beauty of Insult-A-Bot truly rests in the reactions of those around it. Specifically, Pennywise. For whatever reason, Pennywise just couldn’t believe that our little IAB (Insult-A-Bot) was, in fact, a bot. Granted, there was someone at the controls to take pics. But the rest was an act of some clever coding, good luck…and of course, the true star of this sitcom, Pennywise. Observe:

Pennywise is in NO MOOD (mod?) to deal with IAB. And it’s obvious the IAB just doesn’t knwo when to stop. Just read on!

Pennywise has decided that the only way to defeat IAB is to reason with it. Failing that, he now resorts to threats:

See, this wouldn’t be so funny, except for the fact that Pennywise is taking it SO seriously, and threatening IAB. Well, IAB shall not be moved by your threats!

I’m not sure how the “You’re so dumb, you think a bigamist is Italian fog” can be construed as a racial insult; but the staff of NeenerNeener.Net would like to apologize for any Italian weather patterns the IAB may have offended.

I wonder if Pennywise is going to report his own profanity when he reports the IAB?

After a time, this gets painful. I laughed so hard, I think I ruptured something.

I love that Pennywise has taken the time to actually form theories as to how the IAB functions.

…I’m not exactly sure how you tell which advocates are on duty, Pennywise. Especially since they were removed, oh…over a year ago?

Uh. Okay, Pennywise knew there were no more advocates. Apparently, he was just tricking us. D’oh! And it worked! He fooled us all!

Hee. Finally, they resorted to luring critters up to attack IAB. Unfortunately, we don’t have the SS’s for the next part – but IAB isn’t your common bot. Nosireebob. IAB would get killed – then run back to the Sub, where she would loot her body and continue on her duty.

Insult-A-Bot. Protecting humanity. How…well, we don’t know yet. But at least it’ll do the dreary work of insulting everyone around it for you.

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