How Do They Figure They’re Helping You OR The Kingdom?

I’m not sure if I’ve told anyone this, and I know it’ll come as a surprise to a lot of you, but leveling SUCKS.

It’s hard, because what I’d really like to do is sign on by myself for maybe 30 minutes a pop, get some hunting in and feel that it was actually worth my while.

Instead, I sign in, spend 30 minutes trying to find a group, another 60 minutes convincing the group I won’t get everyone killed, another 60 minutes apologizing for getting everyone killed, and I still don’t end up with anything resembling decent xp.

Oh, I know, I know, I should just rely upon my guildmates to help. But really – they’ve done nothing but help me in the past. Why should I punish them?

It’s so bad now that I’m getting up in levels. I used to think leveling was frustrating before when I could spend an hour camping just to go up one level. Now I spend an hour and I’m not even HALF a level – and I know it’s only going to get WORSE! Gah!

I tried to calmly talk this over with some of the NPC’s that give out quests.

Death says, “No you didn’t! You screamed obscenities at them!”
You say, “Not at first!”
Death says, “You did too! You started out the conversation by calling them ‘bitches!'”
You say, “Yeah, but I said it calmly!”
Death says, “And then you tried to stab them in the face!”
You say, “But damnit I was CALM the entire time!”

I really was. I thought I made some good points. You know, raised some valid issues about some of these quests they’re sending us out on. I mean, look, I appreciate that Lady Nimue sees all of these great and powerful threats against the kingdom. But let’s face facts here, people: she is DEAD. She’s a ghost. Do you honestly want someone who’s biggest concern is whether or not the Ghostbusters will show up to be the one dictating what sort of quests need to be done?

Hey, I’m all for listening to the dead. Usually I like to listen to them scream dirty words out as I throw a few earth elementals at them. But now that I’m on this drive to actually get to 50th level, I can’t help but wonder…do ALL of my quests have to go through her? Okay, I know they ALL don’t. But it sure seems that way! I mean, I could be doing a quest involving the search for the world’s best chocolate chip cookie (a quest that can easily be solved by visiting my friend Heather’s stall at Farmer’s Market on any given Saturday). The Chief Priestess of Flour might suddenly decide she needs the Ancient Chips of True Chocolate. Guess who’s going to be the one that knows how to get them?

Lady Nimue.

And do you think she’s going to make it easy? Oh, sure – if something were really threatening the kingdom, just maybe a normal person would see their way to giving you what you need in order to speed things up. But Nimue? She’s a GHOST. Do you really think she’s going to care if she makes you run from one end of the kingdom to the next for no other reason than to hear some idiot guard on a tower tell you that “Hope” is the secret word? Of course not! She’s got eternity!

Of course, now that you’ve run all over creation getting her these ‘important’ ingredients for the magic pendant, she awards you with xp. Like, one BILLIONTH of the xp needed to advance.

Yeah. And she wonders how she got to be a ghost. Me? I wonder why some Necromancer doesn’t have her following him around in a French Maid’s outfit.

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