ACPL, Ho! Er, I mean like “Land, ho” – not…oh, never mind.

I still haven’t made up my mind.

Truth is, if it were just up to me, I’d already have been thrown out of three hotels in Boston while I practiced my hijinks for the ACPL. Last time I almost got kicked out before the Death Tank party got up to full force; if it weren’t for the fact that I convinced the Hotel Manager that Jason Booth was the Second Coming, I think we would’ve been on the road for sure. I’d like to brush up a bit on the hijinks for this year, just in case the hotel manager is an agnostic or something.

Money’s tight this year. We’ve got a wedding coming up and all that. Blah. If you don’t believe me, just ask our raffle winners – I still haven’t shipped out their prizes (uh, sorry guys – they’re coming, honestly!). I keep trying to talk Kwipette into eloping, but she keeps countering with a pre-nuptial, so I think we’re at a stalemate on that front.

But I’m really excited about this ACPL. I have it on good authority that K80 will be table dancing (urmmm…Devilmouse told me that, K80, honest – take it up with him). I mean, hello – last year, we got to see the big preview for AC:DM. I get light-headed just thinking about what we’ll see of AC2. And not only that, but there’ll be giveaways for AC2 beta accounts! Good grief, could you make me salivate any more? Like, Gillian Anderson will be there wearing a thong and passing out free pints of Ben & Jerry’s? Woah, think I just burst a blood vessel there, lemme rest for a second…

I dunno. I think that we just might say the hell with it and go. Last year we had so much fun, we had to be sedated. And this year I’m going to bring TWO blenders. But contrary to popular mindset, no way in hell will I be partaking of any Milktini’s. Nectar of the Gods or not, I shan’t contaminate my body with any of that wicked concoction. No, I’ll stick to the Tangerine Dreams, baby! Woot!

Oh, and this year, I’ve also been told there will be no touching of Kwipette’s butt. Apparently the “Touch Kwipette’s Butt for a Dollar” fund raiser was a whopping success, but it seems I was supposed to have mentioned it to Kwipette before taking donations. I dunno.

You know what I’d really like to see? Some more of those in-game videos. Last year they had an awesome one with the Defense of the Shard or whatever it was called. it was pretty awesome. But why stop there? I mean, last week I had a great run from about a dozen Bloods. For some reason they couldn’t catch me. Well, at least not until I hit the key that made me lie down, right in the middle of the chase. However, it seems that this caught them completely by surprise, because they ran RIGHT by me! All of the sudden this turned into some crazy Smokey and the Bandit movie or something. Granted, I don’t think any of the Smokey and the Bandit flicks ended with a war mage blowing the crap out of the Bandit, but it was pretty close to that. Well, minus the race car. And the CB. But aside from that, it was JUST like it!

So anyway, we still haven’t made up our minds. Kwipette and I will continue to kick it around, and hopefully we’ll soon decide. Hopefully there’ll still be open spots, too! I’m really curious as to what the ‘swag bags’ will contain. My luck, they’ll all be different stuff. And I’ll get the one with the 8×10’s of Jeff Anderson in a thong. Hrmph.

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