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2014 MS MuckFest – Team Bubby Titches!

Here are the pics from our team at the 2014 MS MuckFest in Newtown Square (Philly), PA. It was such a fun event – we weren’t there to seriously compete, we were just there to raise money for a good cause and have a great time. Both of which we accomplished! We had so many laughs on the course (and – according to my memories, at least – provided many to our fellow Muckers)! It was a blast, and already we’re talking about what we’re doing for the 2015 MuckFest (tshirts!).

Here's the winning team, right here. We've already started warming up by shoving children out of our way in the lines for the porta-john.
The Spinner
The best part of the post-race was sitting, drinking beer, and watching people fall off of this.
Spider Web
First time through you go under it, where a bunch of ropes are "webbed" together. Next time through, you go over it, where a fat man rolls across the top while yelling "parkour!"
Up n Over
Climb up, climb down. Or hover at the top trying to throw your chubby leg over the lip until everyone behind you gets sick of you taking so long and shoves you over...
Swing Set
This is where I'll be trying to kill myself later.
Warming Up
The pre-run beer is the most important beer.
Gravy was following behind me, watching for signs of stroke.
Wrong way, tubby!
And here I'm wandering off the trail into the bushes. To vomit. Again.
Tumble, fat ass!
This was my favorite part - tumbling into the net 20 feet off the ground. Because F Acrophobia!
Over the top!
I think it took Chris about five seconds to climb over this entire thing. Parkour!
Hurry up, fat boy!
Gravy was kind enough to wait at the bottom of the cargo net to make sure I didn't plummet to my death. Or to witness it.
Safe at home plate!
While Chris executes a perfect slide out of the tube, I come tumbling out like... like something that doesn't tumble very well.
It only LOOKS like Gravy's holding on with both hands. And feet. Chris is actually taking a nap.
One-Handed Swing
Yup. Gravy rode that rope around using just one hand.
Gravy Splashdown!
Gravy executed a perfect cannonball, but lacked the distance. Obviously I needed to show him how it was done!
Showing Gravy How It's Done
So this is (one of) the part where I almost died. In my efforts to show Gravy how to properly launch off of the swing, I forgot that the swing actually - you know, swings. As I pushed off, it swung back, and I went face-first into the muck. HILARITY!
Proper Splash
Here I show Gravy how to make a PROPER splash - by falling face-first into the water.
A Nice Swim
Did the water just get warmer?
Pull, fatty!
At this point I wasn't sure who I was playing tug of war with, but I was pretty sure I was losing.
The Face of Exhaustion
Right at the end. I'm ready to collapse for a beer.
Walk of Mud
Gravy, showing off the goods.
You can't tell from this pic, but my back was barely touching the mud, I was going so fast!
Handsome Devils
And this was us when we started...
It's hard to reach your back - Gravy actually had a nice lady step forward to hose him off... if you know what I'm saying...
Feels good!
Gotta get all that mud tucked away.
Chips n' Gravy
Nuff said.
Just Desserts!
This might have been the most delicious beer I've ever had in my entire life.
Mud Show
Yeah, I did great at cleaning myself off. Just like every other shower I take...

03 Jun 2014