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2016 via Your Media Viewer of Choice…

io9 had a very excellent preview listing a lot of the upcoming SciFi/Fantasy shows coming in 2016. A lot of them I’d never even heard about, some of them I am very excited about, some of them I could care less about, and some of them I downright loooooathe (looking at you, Teen Wolf!). Out of their extensive list, here’s my thoughts on the ones that actually evoked a response (either positive or negative):

The Shannara Chronicles – didn’t like the books, and the it’s being done by MTV. Need I say more?

Colony – liked the premier.

X-files – do you have to ask?

The Magicians – HATED the book, but SyFy has been KILLING it lately with their shows, so…maybe?

You, Me and the Apocalypse – only saw one preview trailer, loved the look of it.

The Venture Bros. – you’re goddamned straight.

Daredevil – of course

12 Monkeys – is anyone watching this? Is it any good?

Game of Thrones – HELLS. YES.

The Walking Dead – meh. First half of season six sucked.

Containment – interesting premise. Maybe?

Hunters – again, doesn’t sound that great, but SyFy’s had some great shows lately.

Legion – sounds dumb.

Luke Cage – OMG YES (please can he have a chain belt just for a little?!?)

Outcast – Hrm. Teaser kinda sucked, so I don’t know.

Preacher – Oh please oh please oh please don’t suck!!!

Westworld – High hopes. Big, huge, HIIIIIIGH MOTHER-F’IN HOPES!!!!

So what did they miss? What are YOU excited about? What on this list sounds dumb to you?

11 Jan 2016