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Even Dream Borgs Think My Dream Self Sucks

So in the never-ending world of amusement that is my dreaming world, last night I had a dream that our client at work came in to negotiate a new contract (with my team, not the owner of the company as is normal). But because it was a dream, of course it had to be a *little* off – in this case, the “negotiator” for the client was Patrick Stewart. And not Captain Picard Patrick Stewart, but rather Locutus of Borg.

Locutus of BorgWorking with a large international company, imagining them as Borg isn’t really anything¬†that unusual. And of course, if you’re negotiating with the Borg, who else are they going to send, Hugh?

Anyway, so the client (Borg) sit down with us to negotiate the new contract. And proceed to tell me that my skillset is outdated, and I’m going to be down-sized.


For those of you non-Trekkies, the joke/shame here is that the Borg assimilate EVERYBODY. They’re basically like me at a Ben & Jerry’s buffet – EVERYTHING can be used for something. Except, apparently, old developers still working in Classic ASP/SQL.

I’m sure Freud would have a field day with this one. Because he would definitely be a Trekkie.

30 Sep 2015