Fate, Why Dost Thou Torment Me?

I understand that developers work very, very hard on games.

I get that.

I understand that people involved in the game company work very, very hard on games.

Got it.

However, it seems that there’s always some person or persons that are in charge of a vital, important, NECESSARY part of the game that are completely and totally deranged.

I’m not sure who gets the blame here. All I know is that I pre-ordered my copy of Shadowbane, and I was not only happy about getting it express shipped, I was downright smug about it. I couldn’t wait to get my minotaur rocking faces a full DAY before my friends (and Yellow Rat Bastard) even got their copies of the game! I would spend long hours composing hiakus to Rat about the fun I was going to have a full DAY before he got his copy.

Receiving my game
Creating a minotaur
Rat are you jealous of me?

I was a little miffed that the game didn’t arrive at Casa de Kwiplings on the 25th, the day it was supposed to ship. I mean, silly me and all, but I kind of consider “Same Day Air” to mean “It Comes To You The Same Day It’s Released,” and not “We’ll Get Your Shit To You One Of These Days.” But hey, I had Ben & Jerrys in the fridge, I was prepared to be patient. More importantly, Rat hadn’t got HIS yet, and he had longer to wait than I. That’s the string I clung to in order to preserve the little marble of sanity rolling about my skull.

It was with great eagerness, then, that I raced home tonight. Sure enough, Federal Express had given me the sweet, sweet love. The package was there.

The Grail.

The first thing I had to do, of course, was to log into IM and send peals of laughter directed at Rat. Smugly, I sat before my powerful computer, Shallow Thought, and installed this new obsession. Yes, I had heard all the bad stuff about the game from a lot of people. But remember the key point here: I had the game. Rat did not. That was the important part.

So of course it was that Fate took notice. She’s never been kind to smug bastards. Especially smug bastards named Kwip.

When I attempted to create my account, I received basically the same results as trying to engage in an intellectual debate with Rat.

Yeah. That was exactly how much fun I got out of Shadowbane on day one.

Does it make me evil to wish the fleas of a thousand camels infest the jockstrap of the person responsible for this joke? Because if so, you can color me solid evil, baby.

I don’t know, I think the problem is I was spoiled by AC. It was the first MOG I played right at launch, and the smoothest launch I know of. Curse your togetherness, AC! Well, granted, I also remember the later woes of the zone troubles…guess they learned their lesson…

Anyway, one of these days I’ll (hopefully) get into SB. Maybe even long enough to write about it…

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