Fun With Poison Glands!

So I’m having a lot more luck. It seems that having a friend that actually knows what the hell they’re doing makes a world of difference.

For example, my new buddy Cairn Eldwin informed me that it was NOT a good idea to try and stab CopBots in the crotch with my stilletto, as apparently they’re a billion times more powerful than me and at best I could only chip their paint before they crushed my skull and set me on fire. Be that as it may, I still feel confident that there’s a LOT of CopBots in the city with crotches not as shiny and perfect as some of their friends, know what I mean?

One of the very helpful clues he gave me was what to do with all these various spider bits I seem to be collecting in the sewers. It seems that some of the pieces parts can be sold for cash, which can then be used to buy myself bigger and shinier guns! And we like guns, don’t we? The source of this “Cash For Chitins” is the pawn shop, Yo’s. A seedy place, but the clerk (not Dante, said to say – not even Randal) was full of good advice. He offered to buy any pieces parts off the spiders, and advised me to eat any meat they drop to gain health instead of using up my valuable (and expensive!) healing kit.

Except we never really agreed on what the term ‘meat’ means. To me, ‘meat’ is any part you can chew through. Being a regular consumer of beef jerky (Lancaster’s finest, to boot), I’m able to chew through anything short of titanium. As you can see below, this led to a few problems…

Luckily for me, this wasn’t any problem that a quick bout of Death couldn’t clear up. A few taser shots to the face and I was ready again for my adventures.

I’m really digging Neocron. The hints they’ve made about the future of hackers (no no, that’s a skillset in the game, I’m not talking about Gear- or Macro-happy choads) have me really excited. If you wanna try it out, it’s got SIX FREE WEEKS that come with it! Pretty damn hawt, if you ask me. Of course, I’m on week two already and I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing… However, I DO know that just because a sewer says it’s a “Level 1” area doesn’t mean there’s not some damn killer plant that puts Little Shop of Horror to shame.

Consider yourself warned!